4 Errors to Avoid When Posting Job Ads

Job advertisements work like any average ads in similar ways. The essential parts are the content, your branding and the overall experience. If your company’s job ads don’t attract you, it’s not going to work with other job seekers either.

Many factors determine a job advertisement’s success, but here are some errors you shouldn’t make when creating job postings in Malaysia.

Posted a job description instead of a job advertisement

There are always job seekers out there, but if your job ads aren’t attractive, no one will apply for the position in your company. Instead of just listing requirements, put up perks and benefits of working in your company. Sell your employer brand, and it will attract the type of candidates you want.

Used a “newspaper classifieds” approach

This situation may be more of a misunderstanding of how online job ads work, but it is still an error no one should make. Unlike posting ads on physical newspapers, you can flesh out your ads with more than one to two sentences. Don’t be afraid to write as many words to describe the job as you want, as too little information doesn’t convey a positive message about your company.

Posted on your website and thought you’re done

It’s likely candidates got to know your company from your website, but posting your job ads on your company website isn’t enough. Any recruiter will know that you have to reach out to candidates at various platforms like Jobstreet and social media. You can even use digital marketing tactics, including search engine optimisation and targeted emails to get out there.

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The application process is awful

Even when your job ads are perfect, there are reasons why candidates would stop applying. One of them is a terrible candidate application experience. Make sure you try your company’s job application process by yourself and find out any flaws. These errors can turn off any serious candidates, and you’ll lose yourself a potential employee.


Finding a job is tough enough for candidates and job seekers, so avoiding these errors is the least we could do as recruiters. Not only will posting a proper job ad improve the candidate experience, but it will also improve your chances of hiring a talented candidate.

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