A New Philosophy Towards Phone Charging with Vivo Y17

The Vivo Y17 is a great phone with a lot of commendable features. With it’s AI Triple Camera and 6.35-inch Halo FullView™ display, this device is bound to excite many. But what’s more interesting is the fast charging feature as well as long-lasting battery. These two optimum power features challenge the convention of how people charge their phone on a day-to-day basis. 

Constant charging may be damaging. 

Many phone users often leave home with a full charge on their phones but carry a portable charger for when their phone is running low. This is not a problem, but the practice of using their device while it’s powering up can be damaging to both the battery and the device. However, since we rely heavily on our phones, it’s hard to leave your phone alone when you’re charging. 

Go longer with a bigger battery capacity.

A large, industry-leading 5,000mAh battery keeps Y17 going much longer. This means you get a more enjoyable gaming and video experience since it’s not interrupted with a phone that constantly needs charging. And with a bigger battery capacity, you’ll find yourself less likely having to use your phone while it’s charging, so your device and batter is saved from wear and tear.

vivo y17 - vivo

Fast charging for better battery health.

In addition to a 5,000mAh battery, Y17 also comes with Vivo’s exclusive Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology to re-juice quicker. This feature means that you could get more power in such short juicing time. Just plug-in your phone and leave it alone for 30 minutes and you’ll get half a day’s worth of battery. It’s safer too, with nine charging protection technologies protecting both your battery and the charging process.


The Vivo Y17 is a great phone for many reasons but the charging features if definitely been a much-welcomed improvement. If you’re looking to learn more about this phone, click here https://www.vivo.com/my/products/y17