A review of Lafarge ProSolutions

Discuss one construction developments, an individual will come up with the highest building, am I right? Here, in Malaysia, another construction innovation is the green building. With the number of building material company available in the market, deciding on where you can choose is hard. We want to propose Lafarge ProSolutions to you to make it your first preference.

Products and solutions sold by Lafarge ProSolutions

Lafarge ProSolutions in considered the famous building material company in Malaysia and they have made a contribution to many projects including the Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA, and Rapid LRT line. They provide high-quality products and solutions in order to meet individual needs. We want to find out how awesome is Lafarge ProSolutions now!


Whenever people talk about cement for individual or business purpose, Lafarge ProSolutions is often in their mind. There’s a lot of variety type of cement in the catalogues like Phoenix, Rumah, Walcrete, Harimau and RoadCem. Each kind has their unique purpose which is based on where it gonna be applied.


Lafarge ProSolutions’s QuickMix products are making our life easier. It is so easy to use merely by adding water and blend them well. They have several QuickMix products for several usage. For many who love to DIY their personal house or building, you need to choose their solutions. Let’s make DIY more fun and simple.

Lafarge ProSolutions


Lafarge ProSolutions often make sure its solutions are quality and are usually delivered fast. With their concrete’s product, it has developed a collection of value-added concrete goods like Agilia, Artevia, Hydromedia, and also others. All its product has been formulated well to achieve the client’s requirement specifications.

Special Project Team

Executing a mega project are sometimes a real pain, therefore Lafarge ProSolutions created this Special Project Team. Consists of a team of experienced professionals, the Special Project Team helps businesses run their projects by giving consultancy, design, projects supervision, engineering, contracting and asset management help.


Lafarge ProSolutions offers logistics services such as logistics operation center, GPS tracking, delivery mobile application, delivery monitoring service, and silo level monitoring system. They use a nationwide network of facilities for efficient distribution of goods and then ensure uninterrupted products supply.

Innovation Hub

In moving towards a better and sustainable future, Lafarge ProSolutions has spent a great deal on Innovation Hub. The IH aids in performing discussion and address issues in the local building materials industry. This actually also involving government stakeholders, industry professionals and educational institutions.

It is no doubt that Lafarge ProSolutions is considered the building material leader in Malaysia with the thorough services or products that they offers. If you find yourself interested to know more about Lafarge ProSolutions’ product range and services and its operation, you can visit their website here¬†https://lafargeprosolutions.com