Credit Cards: The Better Option When Travelling

Most Malaysians have the habit of exchanging foreign currency of the country they’re visiting. It is part of the preparation before departing to another country. Depending on your travelling needs, you may need to exchange a large sum of cash which you have to carry around.

What if we tell you that there’s a better method of holding cash?

By carrying a credit card, you can simplify your purchasing process overseas. Not to mention, there are other benefits as well!

Travel cashless

People often hesitate to use their credit card overseas as they are worried about the foreign exchange rate. While having foreign currency is convenient for small items, paying for high-ticket items with a credit card may be a better solution.

Travellers should be aware of these two things: foreign transaction fees and dynamic currency conversion. When foreign currency converts into Malaysian Ringgit during a transaction, there’s a foreign transaction fee which is about 1-2% of the transaction price. Dynamic currency conversion is when you choose to perform a transaction in Malaysian Ringgit with exchange rates determined by the merchant.

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Earning reward points and air miles

Just like how you would earn reward points locally, you can do the same even when you are overseas. The difference is, you can earn several times more! For example, RHB credit card users receive eight times more points when they shop overseas.

Certain credit cards also allow you to earn Air Miles. The more you fly, the more Air miles you collect, which you can use to redeem flight tickets! If you’re a frequent flyer, there should be no excuse for not using a credit card.

Airport lounge privileges

Here’s another reason for frequent travellers to carry a credit card: access to airport lounges.

By being a credit card user, you can retreat to these lounges while waiting to board a flight. These lounges usually come with complimentary food and beverages, fast Wi-Fi, power plugs and comfortable chairs.

Travel insurance

Higher-end credit card users usually get to enjoy travel insurance. This privilege allows travellers to save some money and give them a peace of mind while visiting other countries too!

Most insurances provide coverage for loss of luggage and flight delays, but you should speak with your bank for more information.

Safer travel

You may want to consider using your credit card the next time you travel overseas. It’s much more convenient, and you don’t have to carry a thick stack of cash! If you do lose your carry, call your bank to cancel it.

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