Information About Abbott Nutrition’s Products

Nutrition is a must to your health, especially in our infant years where it has a significant impact on our growth and development. It is crucial to consume the perfect nutrients which give us a proper maturation process. Among the established and recommended brands that pack all of the right nutrition for your growing child is Abbott Nutrition. Below we will explore the main benefits of a variety of Abbott brands and the way they support a child’s needs.


Pediasure is the best formula to supply your little one the little extra nutrition she or he needs. A lot of kids are picky eaters and just don’t get the many daily nutrition their body requires. Pediasure really helps to reach their daily needs of carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins to enhance their immune system and support their development and growth!

Pediasure contains 50% more calories which are filled up with magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, Biotin and Vitamin A and B12, which might be suitable for not merely the physical development of your youngster, along with their mental development. An appropriate combination of nutrition for your children will for sure strengthen their health.


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Similac, supplements for pregnancy, to grant your child an effective head start to life, Similac is equipped with an array of carefully researched products that comes with a mixture of choline, lutein, taurine, iron, iodine, ARA, DHA, and natural vitamin E and more to support your baby’s growth and development into a healthy child. Similac also has products in adult nutrition, child nutrition, sports nutrition and therapeutic to cater to everyone.

Similac isn’t a product range suitable for children’s consumption. In order to enhance their mental growth on the very initial phase, Similac Mom is created to generally be taken by mothers. It will help them to give all the nutrition the fetus needs while pregnant, and it can certainly also aid to give nutrients during breastfeeding.


Ensure is definitely a formulation targeted for frail and older people. People that have low energy may benefit the most from Ensure. Ensure provide you with the identical volume of calories much like Pediasure. However, an adult’s nutritional needs are substantially different from those of a kid’s. The formula is tweaked as a result it contains more Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. Besides, there are many chromiums, niacin, and selenium.

With a separate note, it is essential to remember that Ensure ought not to be provided to children. This really is primarily because the proportion of nutrition within this milk formulation is manufactured for adults. Nevertheless, Ensure will be the best product for tube feeding for all trying to cope with consuming solid food.

To Conclude

All in all, Pediasure is going to be a product to assist children’s physical and mental growth. Meanwhile, Similac provides nutrition to children in order to boost their learning abilities. Lastly, Ensure serves as a product designed to provide important nourishment to adults with difficulty consuming normal food. Visit