Make Your Working Space Comfortable and Attractive

‘Ideal Organizations’ is the dream of everyone working in an organization. A quiet and harmonious working environment is the desire of every worker especially those who work on coworking space environment. This is because, at coworking space bigger like Common Ground, not everyone can do work in a noisy, messy or unorderly manner workspace. In fact, the work atmosphere also reflects the personality of the organization.

Consequently, a comfortable and conductive atmosphere is essential to maintaining the harmony of the space to carry out the work of an organization. Each worker’s work process will go smoothly without interruption, when the existing work environment is very conducive and comfortable for the employees without interruption.

coworking space common ground

Accept opinions and views

This issue is a huge problem in any organization more over in a coworking space environment. This is because, most people who work in an organization complain that they are not given the opportunity to express their views and opinions on a job assigned by their organization. In the bigger organization, the opinions and views of the employees are very important because not all of the ideas that the higher-ups come from. But it might be difficult to achieve. Therefore, listening to and accepting the views of employees is one of the harmonies of the office environment that all organizations need to emphasize even in coworking space.

Be yourself

Most of the workers will not be themselves when they work. They will only follow the orders given without any questions and only what they are told. Letting the employees be themselves is one of the key factors in an organization. This will keep them comfortable in communicating in their own style and will not hesitate to express themselves. This will ensure a conducive coworking space for the organization.

Applicable rules

The rules that can be adopted by all layers of organization members are essential to create an ever- expanding organization without any problems from the standpoint of the protocol itself. No one in the world likes to be dictated or controlled by ridiculous laws. Even strict rules like school rules can be followed by students. Therefore, provide your employees with flexible rules, not only by dictator- style.


As a summary, in an environment where employees can easily cause problems, you can avoid putting pressure on employees to do assigned tasks. You need to provide space and time for them to perform tasks previously assigned, or if the task is important then give the employee the flexibility to complete the previous task. This can help in maintaining your company work performance.