Surf More with the MyDigi App

Have you ever felt like you didn’t have enough internet data to fulfil your internet-surfing needs? Or have you ever wished to have more data so you can have a more comfortable internet browsing experience? Well, the MyDigi app may solve your problems!

With the MyDigi app, you can buy internet data or perform internet top up on your phone. Continue reading to find out the benefits of the MyDigi mobile app:

Reload your credits

Not enough internet data or phone credits? With the MyDigi app, reloading credit or internet top up is easier! Now, you can buy internet data anywhere and at any time with the convenience of your mobile phone. All you need to do is download the MyDigi app!

mydigi app

Buy roaming passes

Just because you’re travelling overseas, doesn’t mean you don’t need the internet. Get your roaming passes with the MyDigi app, and you’ll stay connected with your friends and family no matter where you are in the world! Pre-booking roaming passes is also possible with the MyDigi app.

Earn free credit

We know MyDigi makes reloading credits easier, but did you know you earn more credits every time you reload with the mobile app? If you reload on the app, you can get up to 10% free credit! The more you perform internet top up on the app, the more GBs you’ll get to enjoy for your internet-surfing needs.

Enjoy surprises deals

The Box of Surprise is an exclusive feature on the MyDigi app for Digi users. The feature rewards users with personalised offers and rewards that will suit their needs. With the Box of Surprise, you may earn surprise deals on internet add-ons and reloads that can keep you surfing on the internet!


With the MyDigi app, you’ll never have the excuse of not having enough internet data. Not only can you buy internet top up with the app, but you also can earn more internet data as you use the mobile app.

Download the app now at the Apple Store or the Google Play Store!