The 4 Best Candidate Experience Practices

Some companies think that candidate experience is just another HR buzzword. Others believe that it can’t be measured; thus, it doesn’t matter. However, candidate experience is essential because it could affect your company’s reputation.

To ensure an excellent candidate experience for job applicants on Jobstreet Singapore, hiring managers can learn a thing or two from these candidate experiences practices:

There needs to be a strategy

Candidate experience shouldn’t be an afterthought. There are many factors when it comes to candidate experience that it simply can’t be ignored. The location where you’re hiring, the time of the interview and the people the candidate will be meeting will all play a role in the experience.

Before the hiring begins, you need to get your hiring team together and make sure everyone knows their responsibility in the strategy.  The whole team has to be in sync and consistent to ensure a smooth experience for the candidate.

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It shouldn’t end after the candidate accepts the job

Even after the candidate gets the job, it doesn’t mean you get to rest. Paying attention to your candidate after the hiring process shows a sign of empathy. It proves you didn’t treat them nice just to get them on board.

The company should always treat their job candidates nicely throughout the whole journey. For example, if you found out that the candidate is becoming a parent, send them a gift basket. It’s also important to treat them genuinely and do things authentically.

Get feedback

Contrary to the belief of some hiring managers, candidate experience can be measured, although it can be difficult.

You can gather feedback from candidates to determine if the quality of the candidate experience in your company. For example, if there’s a lot of candidates dropping out at the qualifying stage, it’s a sign that there’s something to improve at that area.

You can make a good impression even in difficult situations

If you’re a popular brand or have an amazing work culture to show off, it’s easy to offer a great candidate experience. However, things aren’t always easy, especially if you’re still trying to build up your reputation.

When you have to reject a candidate, you can still salvage the situation by sending an email politely rejecting them. Include genuine feedback on how they can improve and encourage them to reapply in the future. Or if your company has a weak reputation, then be honest and explain the situation in the company. They will appreciate the honesty rather than be fake.


Candidate experiences are crucial when you’re looking to hire, but it’s also essential for your company’s reputation in the long-run. Make sure to get it right or you will suffer the repercussions.

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