The Benefits of Having a Postpaid Plan in Malaysia

In this day and age, our smartphones have become an essential part of our daily life. We use them to receive calls from family, send work emails, complete tasks and also enjoy ourselves. This rise in usage is what lead to postpaid plans being so popular in Malaysia. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy from having a postpaid plan in Malaysia! 

Unlimited calls and texts

Malaysian telcos used to charge SMS per text and calls by the minute since that’s all we used our phones for back then. These may not be the most used functions now, but remains important as many aspects of our lives still rely on it. It’s common for most postpaid to offer unlimited calls and texts, so you’ll never have to worry about being charged extra than your monthly fee. 

postpaid plans DIGI

Better streaming options

Mobile entertainment has developed and grew exponentially in the past few years. So many local telcos have opted to partner with a handful of streaming platforms to enhance services and give a seamless user experience. Some postpaid plans may come with data allowance for these platforms so you can carry with you your favourite movies, shows and music with you anywhere. 


The reason why postpaid plans have become a popular choice for many users in Malaysia is the convenience factor. Users need not bother with prepaid cards and codes to keep using their phones. On top of that, many of these telco providers have partnered with banks as well as develop their own user experience app, making bill-paying and other services even easier.


If you own a smartphone and you’re looking for an upgrade of your telco experience, consider switching to a postpaid plan. They’re getting more affordable and accessible, so there’s always something for everyone. Check out these postpaid plans by DIGI here