Why Do We Need Car Insurance?

Many of us own a car because it is convenient for us to travel from one place to another in this busy city. However, we should also know that driving can be dangerous. You may have many years of experience in driving and obey the traffic laws all the time but you can never know when another driver, cyclist, pedestrian or natural disaster could cause a car accident that involves you and your passengers.


Renewing your car insurance is one of the things you do annually, but do you really know why do we need car insurance in the first place? Getting your car insured is a form of risk management. There are several reasons to have your car insurance renewed annually and you should know how car insurance works in Malaysia.


  • Protect yourself and others

    The right insurance does not only protect you, but it helps to protect your passengers and other drivers too. If an accident occurs, you want to know you have the right coverage to take care of any property or injury costs that may arise.


  • Pay now to save later

    When an accident occurs, insurance coverage protects your wallet from high-cost and unexpected expenses. An insurance policy with collision coverage, liability coverage, and accident benefits could help you save a thousand dollars in the event of an accident. You can avoid costly expenses in the future by investing a small amount on car insurance now.

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  • Insurance is not only for collisions

    You may think that you’re a careful driver, so you don’t need car insurance. However, your insurance is there not only for collisions. What happens if your car is vandalized, stolen or destroyed by natural disasters? You can’t predict what will happen in the future. Operating a motor vehicle without insurance is not illegal, but it has a far-reaching impact not only on your life but the lives of others as well.


  • Save time and trouble

    When you’re involved in a car accident, it can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming. With the right insurance coverage, you can skip the process of negotiating with the other driver involved in the accident. Your insurance agent can handle a lot of these unavoidable headaches. An insurance policy can help with vehicle towing and covering the costs of damages to other drivers depending on the policy you choose.



These are the four reasons how getting a car insurance can help you in unimaginable ways.  Do not put you and your passengers at risk! Anything can happen on the road. Visit https://www.aig.my/personal/auto-insurance to learn more about car insurance!