• Shaves2U Trial Kit, the solution to my shaving troubles

    Are you a person with genes that sprout hair all over your body and face? Does your hair grow back as soon as you cut them? Do you find yourself spending too much time in the morning every day, shaving away your beard?

    If you said yes to all of the questions above, then you’re the same as me, and you understand the feelings and the pain of being a hairy person.

    Due to how fast my beard grows, I have to shave almost daily. I had to spend a lot of money to purchase shaving essentials: razor, razor handle, shaving cream and after shave cream. These products don’t necessarily come cheap either, especially the well-known brands.

    A gift in disguise

    My brother ーalso a hairy dudeー came up to me the other day and handed me a box. On top of that, it says Shaves2U Trial Kit.

    According to him, there were Shaves2U salespeople that were handing out these trial kits outside his office building. For just RM6.50, you can get yourself one. My brother was curious about their product but decided that he wanted me to try it out first.

    I was skeptical, but I tried it out anyway since my brother got it for me for free. I didn’t really have high hopes, to be honest.

    shaves2u review

    A pleasant surprise

    The trial kit only has a razor and shaving cream, but I understand that it was just for testing. I wasn’t expecting the product to be good, so it was a surprise when I used it for the first time.

    The razor blades are sharp and they do a good job shaving off the hairs on my face. For an RM6.50 deal, I say they do a pretty good job. The shaving cream felt smooth on my face and it really enhanced the shaving experience. I’m confident I will finish the tube because it’s just that good.

    A product worth using

    My experience with the Shaves2U trial kit was a good one. Their cheap price and high-quality products have made me reconsider my past shopping choices.

    During the period I was using the trial kit, my brother was there watching my journey. He mentioned that he wishes he could try it out too, so I felt a little bad. But we later found out that you could order the trial kit on Shaves2U’s website too.

    So my brother and I decided to subscribe to Shaves2U after that.

  • Service Offices & Coworking Spaces for Freelancers & SMEs

    The world has change to much more dynamic. Hence, immensely changing everything including working culture. Productivity stop being measured through the time period one might stay put within an office but exactly how effective they are going to work. Employers are changing their method of contemplating to always be more progressive, letting employers working in spaces that love to support employees’ productivity, contemporary culture then develop a nomadic society. This actually also have connected with connectivity. The chance to connect turns working mobile effortless. Thus, making co-working space to be on the rise now.

    Would want to work at a place of work along with people you don’t know?

    Selecting coworking spaces in the Klang Valley area is extensive. The number of choices may get overwhelming for many people. Fret not, the choice is in your hands.


    Strategically located in the center of Kuala Lumpur, Colony @ KLCC is among several coworking space you might hardly miss. With the slogan “Get a Life at Work” Colony aims to improve an old-school working culture to become more dynamic and versatile by permitting people to get a work and lifestyle balance.

    Whenever you chat about balance that means all sorts of things you need is within reach, including major landmarks like KLCC and Pavilion. From great food and coffee, to gyms, massage rooms to even nap rooms, the facilities that Colony provides is an excellent environment for all the digital nomads, freelancers or small enterprises to be in. If you happen to join this virtual space, get ready to experience the skyline view of Kuala Lumpur at the rooftop area and rent Colony’s lavish event space.

    Common Ground

    The next coworking space KL in the list is Common Ground. A centre that has actually several areas throughout Malaysia and Singapore. Their main objective is not only to offer a working station but also engaging a community within the establishment.

    Coworking space Malaysia | Common Ground Malaysia

    Office spaces in Common Ground are modern that balances professionalism and luxury. You may also enjoy various services such like finest speed internet, totally free refreshments, and onsite office personnel that will help at the time you need them. Common Ground also supports you and the business with services such like graphic design, tax and accounts, and insurance. The Common Ground App is also downloadable if you’d like to meet people within the co-working space.


    Worq. Space is yet another coworking space located in Glo Damansara, TTDI. Their mission is easy. They wish to grow their customer’s performance by providing them with exemplary services. Worq. Space aims to give a platform for growth, to develop diversity, as well as build long-lasting relationships.

    Whether or not you’re using a hotdesk, a dedicated desk or a private suite, WORQ has all everything required. From meeting rooms to conference facilities, you’ll be content with the service WORQ provides. Such as, treat yourself to some food at their full-stocked panty with free flow coffee, tea, and snacks! In addition there are scheduled activities if you would like meet new people and make friends.

    Sound exciting? Find out more what these different work environments are offering when you visit commonground.work and others site now!

  • Explore Desaru Invest Quality Time with your loved ones at Desaru

    Plan to enjoy a vacation in Malaysia but have no clue which places to go? Check out Desaru Johor Bahru which is really right for a family trip. Read this article to find out why Desaru is the greatest spot for a family holiday. From Desaru visitors attractions to Desaru resort to Desaru hotel, and also the famous food in Desaru, you can find it here all of it here.


    Among the best accommodations in Desaru will be Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, a family-friendly resort that is definitely suited for all age groups. They have different varieties of rooms and suites for people to choose from. An excellent here is the amenities and entertainment they provide. You’ll be able to relax and at the same time, have a good time here.

    Should you prefer a hotel, you must consider the Amansari Hotel Desaru. It is a good location which is nearby to Desaru beach, therefore, it is easy to look for a restaurant to enjoy local food and seafood. Other than that, they feature laundry service and luggage storage that is convenient for the traveler.



    Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is another highly recommended place to visit. It’s nearby to Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, in case you overnight there, you can come here to have fun. It’s divided into 5 zones to fulfill each ages desire. You can go to their webpage to reserve the tickets and ensure you follow the rules.

    Another ideal areas to visit in Desaru is Desaru Fruit Farm. You can find the fantastic of the farm through the guided farm tour to 180 acres, natural tropical fruit land, agricultural gallery, find a pond, vegetable and herb garden. Awarded as “The Best Agro-Tourism Site” in the year 2006, no question that the place is fun.

    After visit Desaru Ostrich Farm, you can check out to Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, which features over 1000 crocodiles. Same as the ostrich farm, you will definitely get the chance to get close to the crocodiles (with the supervising of the caretaker). Also, the caretaker will share all the fun things about crocodiles for everyone.

    You need something famous, delicious, and also at the same time, at a reasonable price? Here you go, Jade Garden Seafood Corner which is Half an hour away from Desaru Beach. The food is so delicious and seafood does not have a fishy smell. No doubt that the restaurant is strongly suggested by the people.

    Other than Jade Garden Seafood Corner, Sengat Seafood Restaurant is also a great choice for seafood. This restaurant is suitable for Muslims because their food is Muslim-friendly. Same as Jade Garden Seafood Corner, their seafood for instance salted egg crab is fresh and delicious, which really value for your money.

    There’s a lot of places in Desaru that should be explored. If you plan to head over to Desaru, you can find it more by yourself. If you’re going to have a friend trip, highly recommend Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast since it is really comfortable and it is nearby to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark. You can find more info on the site, at https://www.hardrockhotels.com/desaru-coast.